Patient Testimonials 

Meri is amazing!!!! I began working with her while overcoming vaginismus, a condition that made it difficult for me to have intercourse without experiencing extreme pain. Through a program of internal and external physical therapy exercises, Meri taught me how to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles and begin to have pain-free sex. She was professional, informative, and encouraging throughout the process. With Meri’s help, I was finally able to understand and overcome the confusing pain I had been experiencing for years. Her optimistic attitude and friendly personality made it easy to talk with her about such a personal issue. I highly recommend Meri to anyone suffering from vaginismus.
— Amanda M. from Los Angeles, Ca
Meri is an excellent physical therapist. I started seeing her to treat several issues that I developed during pregnancy including diastasis recti and lingering back and hip pain. Meri is extremely knowledgable, professional and easy to talk to which is important when discussing physical problems that can feel very personal. I always left our sessions feeling 100 times better and with real results. I highly recommend Pelvica Physical Therapy.
— Jana R. from Pasadena, Ca
Meri worked with me for a few months to treat a pelvic floor-related issue, and she has delivered a successful outcome and improvement! I would highly recommend her service and expertise.

She is professional, courteous, respectful, friendly, and approachable in addition to being technically knowledgeable and capable. She would explain why muscles or tissues behave a certain way, and explain why and how certain physical exercises help or prevent my healing process, so I became educated along the process. Her kind attitude always helped me feel very relaxed and comfortable during our sessions, which I think is extremely important when you’re working with someone to treat an intimate issue.

I highly recommend Meri to anyone looking for a partner in overcoming pelvic floor-related issues, as I am confident that she’ll be your trusted healthcare provider and adviser, as well as provide emotional encouragement, during what seems to be an emotionally-exhausting time.
— Karina H. from Pasadena, Ca
Before I was referred to Meri by my OB-GYN, I didn’t know that this type of reproductive therapy even existed. However, I’m an athlete who’s been through plenty of physical therapy as well as chiropractic services, and the idea of this type of physical therapy for pain made immediate sense. I have atypical reproductive issues that began when I was sixteen and was seeking help to make things enjoyable.. at all. Meri immediately put me at ease - she is kind, listens extraordinarily well (which is important since so much of her target patient base has issues that OB-GYNs and primary care doctors are not necessarily used to dealing with, so generally we’ve been through some insensitive/ineffective care by the time we get to her), and explains EVERYTHING. Her breadth of knowledge is impressive, comforting, and helpful.

I saw her once or twice a week for a couple of months - it was a slow road for me, which made sense considering the amount of time I’ve had these muscular issues without effective treatment, but we did notice progress, and I was confident in her care. However, I do not have health insurance coverage through my employer, and the costs for the monthly premium for an individual plan PLUS care (most of which is not covered, as you well know if you also have an individual plan in California) became prohibitive. I had to stop therapy with Meri as a result of not being able to afford it.

However, that’s not even the end of the story when it comes to Meri’s exemplary professionalism and 360 degree care for her patients. Beginning a few weeks after care and continuing even after I had to stop seeing her, Meri tirelessly fought for me to get reimbursed for her services by my then-healthcare plan. And thanks ONLY to her efforts, I was completely reimbursed, which was the hugest financial help. I have never had the pleasure of being treated by a healthcare provider who cares more than Meri about her patients. I could not recommend her care more highly, and am cannot wait for the day that my means or my healthcare plan allows me to return to finish care with her.
— Sue S. from Los Angeles, Ca