Postpartum period is defined as the time immediately after giving birth and extending to six weeks thereafter. However, in many women the recovery period is prolonged to a few months or years and it may even last a lifetime if a woman never fully heals from pregnancy or labor and delivery induced injuries. 

Given the various practices commonly carried out during delivery - instrument assisted vaginal delivery, routine episiotomy, cesarean section, unfavorable birthing position - the postpartum rehabilitation varies significantly from person to person. However, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction is the common theme for all. Due to injury to the pelvic floor muscles during vaginal delivery a number of conditions may arise (see below). 

Although increased number of elective C-sections are performed to reduce incidence of pelvic floor muscle injury, studies show that women who have undergone a C-section are still at risk of developing the same issues - due to the stresses and strains sustained during the 40 weeks of pregnancy. In addition, they are also at predisposed to low back pain due to compromised abdominal muscle wall, not to mention- complications from the C-section scar itself.   

Clinical research has confirmed that post-natal maternal care is "a neglected aspect of women's health care" in the US. Many new Moms believe that post-natal care is highly "baby-centric" and that there is minimal information and resources available to guide them through this period. Although it is not a common knowledge or practice in the US, in many developed countries women's health physical therapy is an integral part of the obstetrics team in the assistance of postpartum rehabilitation.

At Pelvica, we strive to close the gap in between the delivery of your baby and your return to a healthy lifestyle. We use specific massage techniques and exercises that have been developed to address pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and other pathologies that it may lead to (see below). And even though our focus is on pelvic health, our approach is holistic - in that we look at the entire body and integrate all musculoskeletal ailments in your treatment plan.

We Treat The Following Common Postpartum Conditions: