Back pain is the leading cause of inactivity and inability to work throughout the world. Between the ages 35 to 55 the rate of having back pain increases. The causes of back pain are many - strain and sprain can occur in the connective tissues, muscles, nerves, or joints. While occasionally injury or trauma are the cause of back pain, often it is the result of poor postures, unhealthy habits, or weakness during transitional periods - pregnancy, breastfeeding, or menopause.

Physical therapy offers very effective, noninvasive, and conservative treatment for back pain as well as other musculoskeletal conditions. Addressing these issues head-on will prevent further tissue damage and formation of additional faulty habits for compensation.

Physical therapy can also be beneficial for patients who are recovering from surgery. Following mastectomy or abdominal, back, or pelvic surgery - therapy will help with preventing of unwanted scar tissue formation, building strong muscles, and correcting poor postures.    

We Treat The Following Musculoskeletal Conditions: 

  • Upper, mid, or lower back pain
  • Lumbosacral strain/sprain - commonly known as low back pain
  • Diastasis recti - commonly known as abdominal muscle wall separation
  • Coccydynia/coccygodynia - commonly known as tailbone pain
  • Pubic pain
  • Symphysis pubis dysfunction
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction 
  • Improvement of musculoskeletal function and abdominal wall tone with strengthening exercises